Windows XP multiple concurrent Remote Desktop (RDP) Sessions – Revisited

Few years ago, I’ve blogged about how to enable concurrent rdp sessions on Windows XP (and later on, for windows 7). This short post is a short update, mainly based on the various comments left by the loyal readers. For starter, you can  download the Windows XP RDP patch from here Here are new suggestions

Installing rar on Ubuntu from command line (cli)

I recently tried to install rar on my Ubuntu 10.4 server… Naturally, the first thing I’ve tried was: apt-get install rar Unfortunately, ubuntu responded with the following message: Package rar is not available, but is referred to by another package. This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or is only available

Backup MySQL and Ubuntu to Dropbox automatically

Recently I was looking for a solution to backup my website and the MySQL database to a Dropbox account… These are the steps you’d want to follow: Get the DropboxBack script from: follow the instructions here to install: Install rar on your server: apt-get install rar # if it fails, follow this post:

The hunt for Google weather API alternative (since Google just killed their weather API)

  Not so long ago (on January 2012), I’ve written about the Secret Google Weather API. Surprisingly, few days ago, Google decided to secretly shut down the Google Weather API entirely. Many developers (including myself) who were relying on the free Google Weather API were left hanging in the air and began looking for a

Free weather API (secret Google Weather API)

      The other day, I was looking for a free weather forecast api for a project I’m working on. I managed to find a few, but the one that seemed to be the fastest and easiest to implement was  ”The secret Google Weather API” (that’s the way it was called in few posts

Windows 7 Multiple Concurrent Remote Desktop Sessions

I’m frequently being asked how to enable multiple concurrent remote desktop (RDP) sessions on windows 7 (in an old popular post I presented a solution for winxp, but hey, we’re already in the windows 7 era…). To be honest, I didn’t have much time to explore this issue up until today (when I actually needed

Captcha solution using ASP 3 & JS (source included)

Few years ago, I was looking for a simple way to embed a captcha solution on one of my sites (that was hosted on a shared IIS web-server). I looked all over for a captcha solution that won’t require installing an external DLL or connecting to a remote captcha server that will slow down the

Enabling Multiple Concurrent Remote Desktop Sessions on Windows XP SP3

If you have multiple users on your Windows XP machine, you might have heard it is possible to patch the terminal services service, to support multiple concurrent remote desktop connection (via RDP) to your computer. Around the time Windows XP SP1 was released, a patched version of the file termsrv.dll could be found on the

My thoughts on Online Backup

Hi Lately I’ve been doing some reading on online backups (aka. off-site backup) and it got me thinking… Everybody knows the importance of backups, but every few weeks or so, I’m still getting this call from another poor soul that usually sounds like this: “oh no, my HDD just died.. what can I do to